Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “How Vaccines Prevent Outbreaks” Explainer Video

Client: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Role: Director, motion designer, animator

Categories: Featured, Motion

At the height of Facebook-driven anti-vaxxer sentiment, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution wanted to show readers why it was important to get your kids vaccinated.

Given that there was a quick turnaround, and also that it had been awhile since I’d worked on an explainer like this, I excited to be doing work that could make a positive impact on the AJC’s 500,000 Sunday readers. Operating as a one-man band, I was also wary of biting off more than I could chew.

After getting approval on the storyboards/styleframes, I went about finding an expression-driven workflow for animating the stickpeople and keep things looking consistent across scenes. Thanks, RubberHose and Ray Dynamic Color!

Animation was done in After Effects. One camera move in the classroom was done in Cinema4D. Final edit was done in Premiere. Overall I was happy with how it turned out. As a lifelong Atlanta resident it was a dream come true to work on something for the AJC.

My portion:

Full edit: