Cartoon Network Key Art Animations

Client: Cartoon Network

Role: Animator, motion designer

Categories: Brand, Featured, Motion

The design team over at Cartoon Network is annoyingly good. Looking at their stuff can make you feel like you should have gone to law school instead of try to be a designer. So when they let you work on projects for them, it’s exciting but intimidating. When they ask you to do it again ten more times over the next few years, that’s another thing entirely.

I did production on these animation loops showcasing various Cartoon Network characters. These animations were used as background loops for a variety of live events, including ad sales roadshows, SXSW, and the Global Licensing Summit. Working to match the style of the original art, I would spend a few days continually adding in little details until it felt finished. In some cases, I did my own background research by watching show clips to see how characters moved/behaved. Fun stuff.

Original art created/commissioned by Cartoon Network. Individual credits can be found in Vimeo where available.