Kyo Learning Rebrand Video

Client: Kyo Learning Group

Role: Motion design, storyboards, art direction

Categories: Brand, Featured, Motion

Kyo Learning Group needed a video to announce their new brand identity to the world. Working from a script, basic style guide, logo, and color palette, I was responsible for coming up with a way to translate their new look to video. I worked directly with their Creative and Marketing team leads in coming up with a visually-appealing way to tell their story, from concept to storyboards to final execution.

The Process

The team at Kyo wanted to give an overview of their company and unveil their new name and brand identity. Working with a script they provided, I was tasked with translating their new brand into motion while telling a compelling visual story.

Initial storyboard

Initial styleframes

Higher-fidelity storyboard

Early animation test

Rough animatic of opening bike sequence

I used two separate workflows to build out the individual scenes, depending on what we needed them to do according to the script.

For static scenes that simply wiped on/off, I created layered Photoshop files, separating the stroke and fill so they could be wiped off separately to give a subtle “write-on” effect.

For scenes that contained moving elements, I created the line art in Illustrator and brought them into After Effects using Overlord because I prefer the flexibility and authentic 2D feel of native AE shapes vs. flat Illustrator layers.

Scene as it was built in Illustrator vs. how it appeared in the final composite

Here’s the finished piece: