TBS “Sketched Comedy”

Client: TBS, Turner Studios

Role: Designer, animator

Categories: Motion

I was asked to contribute to a short-form series for TBS’s social media channels. Each video in the series featured a particular comedian’s story being brought to life by a different animator. With 3.8 million Facebook fans, 1.1 million YouTube subscribers and 111k Twitter followers, 

Initial pencils were done on paper, scanned in and edited together to create an approval animatic. I recommend doing this stage digitally unless you really like spending time with your scanner.

To get the “sketched” look in the final, I inked each scene three separate times, looping the three versions for a wiggly “Dr. Katz” effect (link to Dr Katz vid). Each individual scene was drawn in Flash, and everything was brought into After Effects for additional compositing and lip flap.

Overall this was a fun learning experience. I got my first introduction to working in Flash (onion skins are great!) It was also my intro to animating lip flap and setting up my pencil drawings as proxies in order to quickly turn around a final edit.

I also learned that it can be a real pain to draw something three times if you’re not careful with your design choices. Since the complicated scene and character designs of the Jared Harris piece made me want to tear my hair out on deadline, I made a point to simplify them greatly for the Greg Fitzsimmons piece.

Initial sketches

Shot breakdown

line drawing

texture mat

halftone pattern