Turner Entertainment Staff Meeting Intro

Client: Turner Entertainment Networks

Role: Art director, designer, videographer, editor, compositor

Categories: Featured, Motion

Right after I got my job at Turner, they gave me the task of putting together a “show open” for a large staff meeting over at Entertainment (that’s TBS, TNT, TruTV and TCM). These meetings were a quarterly ritual where the suits would gather all the rank-and-file employees in the NBA on TNT studio and share updates on various show launches, campaigns and other stuff associated with running ad-supported cable’s top networks in primetime among adults 18-49. This video would have been played at the beginning of the meeting. I also created some name cards to introduce each individual exec’s presentation.

These were probably our biggest internal clients, which usually meant their projects would go to someone more senior. But everyone else was busy, so they gave me the key to the video equipment room, an empty office, and told me to come back with something interesting.

I had been wanting to learn how to work with shot footage and practical effects, so I came up with a gag involving office supplies and a twist ending. After storyboarding it out, I went to Office Depot, bought some rubber bands and Post-Its, and got to work. I used my roommate’s homemade Steadicam which looked more like a medieval torture device than anything else. The added stability compensated for our old DSLR’s questionable video quality and made for much easier compositing behind the “cocktail.”

The robber band ball prop managed to survive for six years on my desk until it was laid to rest in a private ceremony.