Turner Upfront 2016

Client: Turner Ad Sales

Role: Motion designer, step and repeat designer

Categories: Brand, Motion

Every May in New York, media companies put on events called Upfronts, which are fancy stage productions where network execs unveil their upcoming slate of programming to an audience of ad sales people, media buyers and other industry types. It’s basically a glorified sales presentation, with fancier staging and graphics and sometimes also free drinks.

In 2016, Turner’s Upfront was in Madison Square Garden Theater. As part of a three-person design team at Turner’s in-house presentation design group, I worked directly with our Creative Director, other event production teams and executive stakeholders to design and produce graphics for the stage portion of the show. I served as the lead motion designer on the side columns you see in the photo below, creating ambient graphics reflecting the established Turner brand palette and patterns. I also traveled to New York to provide on-site production support for edits to the TBS and TNT portions of the show, using After Effects toolkits and an existing look provided by an outside agency.

I also designed the fancy-looking step and repeat for the red carpet. So many logos.