The Yule Log Project

Curated exhibit

Role: Director, animator

Categories: Motion

I was one of a few designers invited to contribute to Daniel Savage’s Yule Log Project, a holiday-themed animation showcase. Each entry featured a different artist or studio’s take on a burning yule log in an annual celebration of artistry and creativity for the design community. See this Cartoon Brew article for more info!

Viewing myself as still somewhat inexperienced at that point, it was a shock to get selected for this thing. it was intimidating to know that whatever I did would appear alongside the work of folks I respected. After entertaining more grandiose ideas (only to remember how much time I actually had), I came up with a happy-go-lucky dancing log who meets a violent end.

I wanted to build on my experience working on Sketched Comedy, and my process here was an evolution of that workflow. Frame-by-frame animated elements were created in Flash, with final compositing, editing and post work done in After Effects, all in one looooong weekend (I do not recommend doing a 30-second animation in one weekend).