Turner Brand Design

Client: Various internal and external partners
Role: Designer, usually art director
Branding and creative maintenance across the Turner corporate brand’s myriad internal and external applications.

I was one of three designers on Turner’s first centralized, dedicated team of in-house “brand experts” – no small task at a giant siloed legacy media conglomerate! We were in charge of implementing the initial Troika package for the global rollout, then actually making it work across internal- and external-facing project types spanning print, web, motion and experiential media.

Some posters and stationery templates from the initial rollout:
Morph from old to new logo I made for the brand guidelines microsite:
Some playing cards and a wall calendar I pitched for employee swag:
Step and repeat @ Madison Square Gorden for Upfront 2016:
Other applications of the core Turner brand I worked on:
Custom cereal box we had made as a giveaway item for the Television Critics’ Association Press Tour event (the panel was at 9AM, hence the cereal):

I was also responsible for designing employee communications to go on Turner’s worldwide digital message board network (think of it as a TV channel for employees that plays nothing but ads)

For these projects, I was generally given carte blanche to come up with something clever and/or eye-catching to get people to pay attention, the only restriction being having to stick to the corporate typeface, Turner Bold.

With a wide array of messaging needs and calls to action, I took a “kitchen sink” approach to these, utilizing a grab bag of kinetic typography, 3D renders, traditional 2D animation, a variety of illustration styles, and op-art in order to surprise and delight in the service of project goals. Fun times.