Turner Techwood Renovation Branding & Wayfinding

Client: Turner Broadcasting

Role: Art director, lead designer

Categories: Brand, Motion

Turner was about to begin a multimillion-dollar renovation of its Atlanta headquarters. The project was going to temporarily displace workers, change how they got around campus, and noisily disrupt their day-to-day lives in a variety of other ways. So they wanted to get people excited about the future amenities they had in store for campus. Following several waves of downsizing, employee morale was in the gutter. And this was seemingly destined to become another overbearing, unmemorable piece of corporate messaging. It needed to be flexible enough to work both horizontally and vertically, on both fences and printed standees.

In the end, me and the team created a campaign people couldn’t just ignore. The look is based on a set of 40-50 square illustrations on a grid, which are swapped in and out depending on messaging needs. Working with a cross-functional production team, I created the brand look from top to bottom. The look was applied at  first to an awareness/teaser marketing campaign, and later was expanded to include directional wayfinding and closure alert signage. With so many different components, I created the initial system, and a series of InDesign and Illustrator templates to allow the bigger team and external partners to produce what they needed.