WarnerMedia @ Cannes Lions 2019

Client: WarnerMedia

Role: Motion designer, leaf wrangler

Categories: Motion

Exterior LED animations for WarnerMedia’s event space at Cannes Lions, a “global event for those working in creative communications, advertising, and related fields. It is considered the largest gathering of the advertising and creative communications industry.” A confluence of ad sales guys, agency guys, media buying guys. Basically a who’s-who of blazer-wearing guys.

During the festival, every big media/adtech company rents out their own apartment on La Croissette (the oceanside street on which most of the festival programming takes place) to use as an event/hospitality space. Our events team wanted a video loop for some exterior-facing LED panels that would showcase recognizable movie and TV characters from across the WarnerMedia portfolio. It had to stay within the established look of the space, be eye-catching from street level to entice festival attendees to venture inward, and be flexible enough to enable the seamless swapping out of images and shows throughout the approvals process.

I designed a series of show cards that would work from every sight line, which would occasionally be taken over by a “full screen” logo placemat. The most challenging part from an animation standpoint was the swaying leaves. My initial tests were way too bendy, and I ended up dialing back the frequency and amplitude of the “sway” significantly in order to achieve the subtle breeze effect we were going for. It was another example of how what our brains think something in nature looks like is often not what it actually looks like.

View from La Croissette showing Screens 03 and 04

Four-screen layout circulated for approvals

Pre-viz of street view, main entrance and back side