WarnerMedia ONE Launch Campaign

Client: WarnerMedia

Role: Art director, designer, illustrator, animator

Categories: Brand,Featured,Motion

Internal marketing campaign for launch of WarnerMedia ONE, an employee intranet site. The brief asked us to represent the WarnerMedia “universe” in terms of both the iconic entertainment franchises of the newly-combined enterprise and the actual site content — travel and expense, cafeteria menus, holiday calendar, etc.

I developed the initial key art and usage system before handing it off to the bigger team for production of deliverables, the scope of which included electronic billboards, print collateral, web banners, and animated GIFs.

Key Art & Campaign Development

The first order of business was creating a piece of key art to guide the look of the rest of the campaign. Having been briefed on the overall strategy by my team’s leadership, I knew that the new site was an attempt to “break down silos” between the three business units that formerly constituted WarnerMedia (namely, Turner, HBO and Warner Bros.) I also got wind that they were into the idea of showcasing something they called the “WarnerMedia Universe” — all the things and places associated with being a WM employee. 

No pressure!

I talked it over with the team and we decided there were three buckets of stuff that constituted the WM Universe:

  • Company-owned IP (known by normal people as “characters and stuff from movies and TV shows”)
  • Landmarks associated with WM’s offices around the world, such as the WB water tower, Hudson Yards in New York, CNN Center and Techwood in Atlanta
  • Info and tools people access via the intranet site itself, like traffic alerts, event calendars, travel and expense software, cafeteria menus, discounts, and editorial content.

With all that in mind, I started sketching out our WM Universe.

Rough pencil sketch

Tighter pencil sketch

First digital draft

After a few rounds of back-and-forth with our creative team leads, I landed here:

The campaign look in action:

Animated Launch Trailer Development

Knowing what would play with the audience of disaffected employees, we wanted the big reveal to be comically grandiose and over the top. We created a sequence set in Hollywood where the WarnerMedia ONE site dramatically exits an extremely long limo, then poses dramatically before we enter the “WarnerMedia Universe.”



Here’s the finished piece: