WarnerMedia Summer Camp Brand Identity & Guide

Client: WarnerMedia, Burbank office

Role: Art director, designer, illustrator

Categories: Brand

Brand identity for a virtual summer camp for WarnerMedia employees. The look needed to feel seasonally appropriate, fun for kids, and get WarnerMedia’s 35,000 employees around the world excited about sticking their kid in a Webex meeting. It also had to be easily translatable to digital applications and swag.

I got the opportunity to run the design process from start to finish on this project, participating in client discovery sessions as well as creative reviews.

Having never worked with this particular client before, and operating in an environment of overall uncertainty, I managed to stave off the urge to play it safe, landing on a look more in tune with my actual design values. It showed me once again that giving your designers a seat at the table from the outset of a project is ultimately for the good of everyone involved. And although the project went to Brand Heaven prematurely, the team was still happy with how it turned out.