Reimagine Techwood Campaign/Sub-Brand

Turner was about to begin a multimillion-dollar renovation of its Atlanta headquarters. The project was going to temporarily displace workers, change how they got around campus, and noisily disrupt their day-to-day lives in a variety of other ways. Several waves of downsizing had dampened employee morale, and we wanted this campaign to be something that employees couldn't simply ignore. It had to convey not just the construction aspect, but also the great things in store for employees once the dust settled - new conference rooms, more collaboration areas, revamped outdoor spaces, a Starbucks.

We knew we had to create something that didn't look like typical corporate messaging. Since the campaign had a relatively long shelf life, as the design lead, I wanted to make it as robust and modular as possible to enable easy handoff between designers. To do this, I came up with a grid-based visual system along with about 50 separate "squares" - illustrated vignettes related to both the construction and employee culture aspects of the project. For production purposes, I created a system of Illustrator and InDesign templates that enabled us to swap out individual squares depending on what was being conveyed. I also created a series of detour sign templates to facilitate quick turnarounds necessitated by the pace of construction. The result was a sub-brand that defied our audience's expectations, but never at the expense of functionality.